CITA 2012 Award for Hook Balances.

The 2012 CITA Award went to the company Venado Tuerto Hook and Corvusweb Balances conferred on merit for its Precision Agro-Livestock system -AGDP- in the Agricultural Machinery of National Origin segment within the heading Components and Systems in Precision Agriculture.

Hook and Corvusweb scales deserved the unanimous consideration of the Jury for the AGDP system of intelligent download and Web platform for online monitoring, geolocation and data exploitation for agricultural machinery. This system is a Web platform capable of receiving data from remote stations, organizing them and then processing them through complex software that includes charts, alarms, reports, satellite location tracking, among other functions. It also includes powerful weighing hardware generated through inductive sensors that automate the weighing process. The versatility of the product is such that data transmission can be through the cellular or satellite network. 

CITA (International Center for Innovation in Agricultural Technology), with Chacra Magazine, the Chamber of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (CAFMA), the Argentine Rural Society (SRA) and La Rural Predio Ferial de Buenos Aires, held the VI consecutive Edition of the award , a stimulus and a consecrated and internationally recognized recognition for companies and independent researchers. The CITA Award highlights the developments that contribute most to achieving sustainable productive efficiency. The Jury was made up of professionals from INTA, AAPRESID, CREA, INTI, IRAM, CASAFE, ACTA and ASA. 

The delivery of the CITA 2012 Award to Hook and Corvusweb Scales occurred at a dinner that was part of the program of the 126th Livestock, Agriculture and International Industry Exhibition of the Argentine Rural Society and was attended by the Governor of the province of Santa Faith, Antonio Bonfatti. There were also the president of the Argentine Chamber of Manufacturers of Agricultural Machines (CAFMA), José María Alustiza, the Director General of the Chacra Magazine, Rubén Bartolomé, as well as leaders of the agricultural sector such as the president of CONINAGRO, Carlos Garetto and the leader of the Entre Ríos Agrarian Federation, Alfredo De Ángeli, among others, more businessmen and public officials.

‘This is a tool that allows you to track the scales, capture all the information they have, transmit them via GPRS and exploit them on our server (with the unique address and password of each client) with command boards. This way the client can manage absolutely everything that the balance is capturing and can interact, ’explained Carlos Bonetto.

For example, in the case of a monotolva, "it constantly transmits and informs the movement, where it is moving, in which field lot it is, how much each lot is yielding." For cattle feed mixers 'you can interact by loading information from an office anywhere in the world (that's what the individual password is for) and receive all the data from the rationer', where you are, what time the work started , how much discharge in each feeder, how the ration is composed, among other items. According to the programming, the team warns by SMS messaging to a cell phone any variant that has occurred.