Ternium Expoagro Award for innovation in agricultural machinery

Silver Medal Winners

Heading: Software and Electronics applied to agricultural machinery.

Smart weighing web system for hoppers. Hook and Corvusweb scales.

The AGDP @ (Precision Agro-Livestock) system is a web platform capable of receiving data from remote stations (scales, sensors, etc.), organizing them and then processing them through complex software that includes charts, alarms, reports, monitoring location satellite, among others. It also includes powerful weighing hardware generated through inductive sensors that automate the weighing process. With this system, the user is able to automate the weighing process in bins (a key part of the campaign to avoid human error), control several bins simultaneously from a computer and process the campaign information in real time. As for the alarms, they are activated when there are small discharges or when the hopper moves outside the surface on which it must remain. They reach the user through SMS or mail.